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the splendid pleasure of feeling safe

the splendid pleasure of feeling safe

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I haven’t always felt safe in my body. Growing up, I received so many, too many, signals saying that my body was bad. Between purity culture, fat phobia, and so many other things that I absorbed, I believed that my body was unsafe and unloved. As a result, I needed to disregard my body, her needs and her desires. Until recently, I carried all of this trauma in my body and I never felt safe in it. But now I do. I’ve learned to put down pain and pick up pleasure. And I’ve learned that I can feel safe and that it is good.

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • alcohol ink, gold metallic accents on yupo paper finished with a varnish and UV protectant.

  • Ships with white mat (sized to 11x14), full insurance, and certificate of authenticity.

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