a rebellious purpose

I’ve become good friends with shame over the years. Especially when I am openly criticized in front of other people. I think that is why I am hardwired to care and believe what others think of me. Even if it negates what I believe to be true. Over the years, this has made my inner critic work in overdrive all hours of the day and night.

It’s hard work fighting against yourself...

However, art is allowing me to rewire my brain. Creating forces me to sit with my emotions, ​

especially my old pal shame, and give them dimension. Creating allows me to acknowledge my emotions and consciously filter out what I don’t want to harbor; it gives me the freedom to nourish my soul and love my mind and work my body.

Art is a full self-experience.

This little business is the product of that. Amber Simpson Art was created as a constant practice of laying down my weapons and picking up my paintbrushes. My art acts in defiance of my inner critic and the outer critics. My art serves as a means to show love to myself. And I want it to ignite love in others, too.

So, let’s start a rebellion.

Let’s make art that reflects the beautiful people we are.

Let’s tell the critics that love gets the last word.

In the end, love is all that matters.



Copyright © 2019 Amber Simpson / All Rights Reserved / Handmade in Murfreesboro, North Carolina

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